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    Red Calipers on Carrera

    Ok Ok - I know - i 'should' have bought an 'S' however. Since I couldn't convince my wife to go the full length, I decided to paint the calipers - see attached.

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    eh, I wish I had a chance to talk you out of it. I think they look silly on either car. Porsche colored them to make bragging about one's car more prevalent? Pretty clever on their part.

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    How did you do this with the Porsche logo? Still there???

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    Did you paint the trolley jack to match?

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    KenH said:
    Did you paint the trolley jack to match?

    Do they STOP faster????

    Looks Great!

    I'm in exactly the same boat. I have an all black Carrera, and now want the red calipers. I asked Porsche and the wanted over $400. I'm not sure if it's worth it. I don't have a problem painting them but don't they need to be professionally powder coated?

    Re: Looks Great!

    Why not paint them yellow and "pretend" you have the ceramic brakes?

    Re: Looks Great!

    Sorry to chime in again; why not get some "sponsor" logo stickers/graphics and a racing stripe an a number and other distinguishing stuff added to the car? Don't forget to add the "S" emblem because a guy in the know is gonna see you painted the calipers and scoff.

    I'm just talking like I'm constructively "arguing" with my brother. Not trying to **** anybody off.

    Re: Looks Great!

    I painted the calipers not to make it look like an 'S' - clearly if you spend 90k on a car , you may as well spent the additional 10k for the S - i simply think that the red calipers add to the 'sporty' look of the 997. I looked into powdercoating them but then they'll have to completely come off, you have to have the brakes 'bleed' etcetc - too much hassle for, at least for now, the same results - the other option would be to spend 6k for the brembo big reds which i think for just looks is too much money -

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    Personally, I think it looks nice, I don't know why the others are making fun of that. The "sportier" Porsche models always had red calipers and other car manufacturers are doing the same with their sports cars.
    Maybe you should have waited a little bit: I'm not 100% sure but the Boxster S (type 987) calipers might fit the 997 Carrera.

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    porsche brake calipre pecking order:

    base: black
    4wd: silver
    'upgraded': red
    top: yellow

    PS. RC, can 2nd generation PCCBs be fitted to a 996 Mk2 GT3?

    it is my understanding they come on the 996 Turbo S

    Re: Red Calipers on Carrera

    attached with the wheels )

    Maybe i should make them yellow

    Re: Looks Great!

    MMD said:
    Sorry to chime in again; why not get some "sponsor" logo stickers/graphics and a racing stripe an a number and other distinguishing stuff added to the car? ...

    You did hear about the guy who auctioned the space on his forehead. Now is is wearing a logo for 1 month and $37K richer for it.

    PS, I also think your brakes look great.

    Re: Looks Great!

    Lingering question I have now is the aftermarket DIY paint going to fade? Will they start looking a washed out pink after a few years? The calipers get very hot, they get exposed to UV.

    I assume the factory coating is best material and *process* for the job. A DIY coating sold by an aftermarket paint manufacturer and/or packager can't be trusted to be as good as the OEM spec. Porsche cares about longterm for warrenty purposes; aftermarket mfgrs don't.

    I'm just adding more to the present discussion and I'm sorry to be creating doubt for guys who have already painted their equipment.

    Re: Looks Great!

    Thanks for the concerns - the manufacturer of this paing (G2 Technologies) warrants the paint to be able to resist up to 900F - I fully agree with you that the best option is to have them red straight from the factory - however, if i need to re-paint them after a few years, it's still well worth the saved expense - Another option is to have them powder coated, this supposedly is as good as factory - the trick here is that you need to send them to a place - ( which can run between 50 USD to 120 USD per caliper - plus the additional expense of having you brakes bleed etcetc - The results on my wheels, after just 2 days, are great - you can not tell the difference between factory and paint definitely not after some brake dust comes on it



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