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    Cayenne Aftermarket Audio/Nav Recommendation

    I'm a newbie just hoping for some good feedback on this apparantly delicate problem. This seems to be the best place on the net for this type of information, but no recent info specifically on this.

    First, some background.  I have a 2005 Cayenne S with Bose and PCM2 (upgraded) and XM (added on later via dealership).  The Cayenne is almost paid off (will be in October) and although I have been shopping for new vehicles (Audi Q5, Cayenne GTS and Turbo), find myself holding out for two reasons.

    1.) Audi has the upper hand on iPhone integration vs. Porsche, but it is still an Audi and doesn't have touchscreen.  I love my Cayenne (I also have an A3 I love to drive), but for an SUV, there is no comparison.

    2.) To spend that much money on a new vehicle and have it come up short IMHO regarding iPhone integration is just crazy.  I do like the touchscreen, but still not an fully integrated solution.

    Now the problem.  I've decided to keep the Cayenne for who knows how long.  Still runs great, is in great condition, and is still a blast to drive, but I am completely FRUSTRATED by not being able to get good quality sound from my iPhone (I use an FM transmitter solution).  I only listen to it and XM. Additionally, would love to have a better NAV and BlueTooth solution.  So, I went to CarToys to find out my options from their point of view.   The dealer confirmed what I've read that the fibre optic MOST integration really limits your options to an aftermarket solution.  So I'd like feedback on two options:

    1.) Dension ( - they make a MOST (fibre) compatible interface that essentially replaces the CD changer (although I think now you can have it without losing the CD Changer).  No big to me - I don't listen to CDs anymore.  Upside - solves my music problem for about $1000.  I can get BlueTooth as well for some more $$. Downside - a lot of money to spend for just this issue and the integration with the PCM doesn't appear to be that great.

    2.) Aftermarket "all-in-one" solution like kenwood, pioneer, etc. Upside - full iPhone integration (music, playlists, contacts, voice commands) plus touchscreen and a better NAV system that can be easily updated.  Downside - more pricey (about $2000 with install) and will essentially bypass the entire Bose system and I'll lose my "trip" data (which I don't care about anyway).  Good chance I'll lose steering wheel controls for the audio, but not that big of a deal to me.

    So, has anyone done this (either 1 or 2) and if so, what route did you go, what do you like/dislike, etc?  I'd also appreciate suggestions on a system for option 2.

    Please, no replies telling me I'm an idiot for even thinknig about replacing my factory system.  Decision is made to go one of these routes and I plan on keeping the factory system around should the next buyer insist it be all factory and want it re-installed.  I also know I'm giving up some other PCM functionality, and frankly don't care (I've maybe looked at my Trip data half a dozen times in 5 years).

    Thanks all!

    Re: Cayenne Aftermarket Audio/Nav Recommendation

    One more option that came to mind, although I'm not sure it is viable.  Can I put an '09 Cayenne PCM in my '05?

    Re: Cayenne Aftermarket Audio/Nav Recommendation

    Can? Yes, but the price would be exorbitant.

    I would get a moBridge for the iPod, and live with your 05 nav system.

    Re: Cayenne Aftermarket Audio/Nav Recommendation

    Thanks SciFrog - I assume your "yes" is referring to putting an 09 PCM in my 05.  Do you know how much (roughly) that would cost? My thought is $90k for a new Cayenne vs. $2k-4k to keep me happy another couple of years could be worth the investment.  I really liked the touchscreen in the 09 - the current PCM just sucks.

    Also, is there a reason you recommend moBridge over Dension?  I'm definitely leaning that route for the cost and my map/GPS functions on my iPhone 3GS work just fine for what I need.  I don't travel to unknown areas that much, and when I do, don't usually have the Cayenne with me anyway. :) Key thing for me is being able to play music on my iPhone with digital sound quality.  BT would be nice to have as well.

    Re: Cayenne Aftermarket Audio/Nav Recommendation

    moBridge also has a bluetooth module.

    It seems to work better than Dension.

    A wild guess for the 09 retrofit? $7-8k



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