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    Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    Hello family !!!

    Today we had delivery of a 2007 Boxster S...this car is just as much as fun as a 911...

    We where asking our selves how the new 3.4 engine would perform, so a quick phone call to our dealer, and test-drive one for some hours..what a fun car to drive, to look and also to listen !!!

    We decided to go for the same combination as we have in the 4S, due to two reasons; 1) it was the only stock car they have for these weeks and 2) its probably the best combination that suits the car .

    It was ordered by the dealer and camed here in mid September, the combination is just the same as our 4S, and I mean the same , same sportdesign 19" rims, blue interior, sport seats, silver exterior and blue top...

    Our next option was ordering one to our taste, but the waiting time would have been of 3months or so..

    The car was delivered to us with only 17kms , now it has 43kms wooohooooo ...So I cant say much of how it performs, but just putting the top down, and driving with that back sound in your back is probably as good as in a 911...It is so much fun to drive that I dont know what is best, wether the 4S or the boxster S...and I am completely serious.....

    Well for now both of the borthers are parked face to face in the garage, and I hope this stays like this, untill some months (when we probably let go the 4S...and then see the options there is ((( 997gt3)))

    We have already ordered the PSE for the boxster S, it will come somthing arround February March 2007, so its not that long wait, but anyway...I love her to death !!!

    The car camed equipped with the following !!!

    19" sportdesign rims
    bose sound system
    tiptronic S (a must in family )
    heated seats
    and some more options that now I cant remember !!!

    Well enough of chatting, just wanted to present in public the little brother of the 4S!!

    Will keep you guys posted on how it performs and how is the car compared to the 997S and 9974S we have now

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!


    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    I will post lots of pics during these week....we just got delivery today, and I didnt even knew about it......Not even went to dealer, just saw it in the garage while returning from classes

    Only have pics with the covers on!!!

    I am in love with the front of the car, it looks like a turbo with those air intakes !!!

    Does anyone know how the pse will look like???, the design i mean!!.....RC ????RON ????


    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    Alex18_996CC said:
    Well for now both of the borthers are parked face to face in the garage, and I hope this stays like this, untill some months (when we probably let go the 4S...and then see the options there is ((( 997gt3)))

    987S + GT3 = dreamteam
    Many congrats on getting this beauty
    Looking forward to your 987S /997S / 9974S comparo
    And of course tons of pics, please
    PSE should be the same like the stock exhaust (designwise - not soundwise )

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    Congrats Alex
    FINALLY someone who's saying AND seeing (by trying) that a 987S is as fun as a 997(4)(S)

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    thanks guys !!!!!

    I will post lots of pics during this week, and hopefully when the car covers some kms i will write my opinion regarding the carrera S and 4S....

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    Congratulación! Great car & great colour!

    Looking forward to the pics.

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    congratz my man

    ...u know where u will get the GT3 RS from


    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    thanks guys !!!!, I will post a little album of this baby in the next days !!!

    Today I drove it for about 20min , and apart from the attraction factor it goes like a 997, I am in love with this car..

    those that are deciding to buy a 987S or not, just go and have a test drive, next step will be the deposit !!

    What an engine!!!!

    Re: Delivery 2007 3.4L 987 S!!!!!

    Lucky bugg3r



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