"terra cotta" "natural grey" "cocoa" are all special leathers. I'm wondering how these differ from the regular leather.

Is special stuff dyed and the regular leather pigmented?

Would the special stuff resemble suede and the regular resemble (sorry for this, just for illustraion purposes) vinyl?

Would the "Special Leather" though presumably more beautiful (if you like that sort of thing) be more difficult to maintain, would it be more delicate?

How do they say it wears? Would the interior get that "patina" of a well-worn nice leather jacket? Whereas the regular leather would show the desired "wear-in-patina" less?

Other than the extra cost, what advantages and disadvantages have been associated with "special leathers?"

I did do a search and, strangely, only got 7 irrelevant hits on "special leather"over the past 6 months. The most interesting comment was that it would be worth nearly zero at trade in.