Rich C (UK) said:
Wolvy said:
Interesting... My dealer wouldn't take a deposit at all on the volante version - said there are no plans for it. However he said if they do make it existing coupe owners will have priority and have first chance at one. I'm number 29 at the dealer - my father also has one on order and we paid Pounds5000 deposit each about 5 months ago... Not sure if the dealer was spinning a line or not but said he would get 50 cars this year. I think he said he had several hundred letters of intent. Oh well just have to wait and see now. How much deposit did you put on the coupe and the volante?

That's interesting - put Pounds3000 down per car (fully refundable until spec), about no 160 on their list. Dealing with Lancasters Reading but am thinking about having a call around to see if anyones waits are shorter. Judging by your comments they may be as I put my deposit down almost 3 months ago. Which dealer are you working with?

This is all intersting to me too, I have had a 'letter of intent' lodged with Grange Astom Martin of Brentwood since March 2003, I was told I was about 180th on the list which doesn't sound right, at this stage I still haven't been asked for a deposit of any kind. The guy at the dealer said that I would definitely move up the list as when it came for deposit time some people would drop out, some people wouldn't want the manual gearbox offered as the only option at launch (for a while anyway) etc. I'm sure it's too late to ring around but I definitely need to contact the dealer again! I was intending getting rid of my 997S in November when it's one year old and slotting into my AMV8 in the new year! Doesn't sound too likely now though.