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    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin

    Very nice. I like the design very inpressive in particular the rear lights

    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin

    Design looks proportioned and aggressive, esp. the front seems to have a nice stance.
    Too bad it seems we'll have to wait for 2005 for this one to come out!
    The engine should be a high performance derivative of the supercharged V8 found in the XKR.No chance of aural entertainment then...
    But who knows.

    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin

    I guess Porsche gets tough competition from all sides. Might be good for us...expect highly interesting cars for the next few years. Hopefully the price tags will be acceptable.

    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin

    Has the look of an upscale Nissan Z car. Maybe this design concepth is the future.

    Re: priced at about USD 100,000

    according to autoweek the price tag will be at about USD 100,000!!!!

    awesome looks -- although 2005 is IMO a bit far away, AML should speed up a bit!

    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin

    This car looks fantastic!
    I trust Newport Pagnell engineers to make it sound as good as the Vanquish
    It already looks like it.
    And the price tag is good.
    But you're right guys, what's the point od presenting it now if we're not going to see it on the open road for another 3 years
    And luigi is right I think, it will definitly be more of a comfortable GT than a sports car.
    That's where the 911 strength lies, it is a good all rounder, GT and sports car, but like Christian pointed out, the competition is dangerously closing in, interesting times to come, perfect!!!

    Some more pictures

    Re: First pics of the upcoming "Baby" Aston Martin


    I heard the engine will be an all new V-8, or at the very least, take very little from the Ford parts bin. Perhaps there is still good chance of good sound.

    Yep, that's what I read too. Wait and see. 2 years!!! : (

    I just LOVE the design...

    ...very stylish, sporty and aggressive. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

    Re: oh yes! (and more pics)

    it really is perfect! is AML already taking orders?

    some more nice pics are on autospies:

    Re: oh yes! (and more pics)

    My Jaguar dealer said no, but I'm sure I can convince them. Afterall, they only have one guy who handles all of their AM sales. We don't find anything out early in the U.S.

    Am curious if the engine will be NA or compressor like XKR?


    Re: Am curious if the engine will be NA or compressor like XKR?

    If they decide to supercharge the V-8, it will be suspiciously similar to the old engine, which is a bad move. Their target is around 400 hp and currently the XKR makes about 380hp.

    Philosophically though, I'd hate to see it supercharged. I've had experience with the XJR (same supercharged V-8) and own a Mercedes C32 (V-6 kompressor). Fine engines for saloons, but they don't belong in proper sports cars. This car is looks more the GT than sports car though.

    Re: Am curious if the engine will be NA or compressor like XKR?

    Yes I agree with you, which is why I wouldn't be surprised if the engine was supercharged, like the XKR's but slightly modified so that they can say it's not the same engine.
    It would be disappointing as I prefer NA engines too.
    But like you said, I think the AMV8 will be more GT than hard core sports car.


    Ok, so I couldn't resist. Next weekend I'm going down to my dealer to place my deposit. If it turns out I don't like the car, I have plenty of time to cancel. Is it reasonable to ask that it be written in my deposit contract that he should sell me the car no higher than MSRP? I dislike dealer markups, but I'm not sure if he will comply. Mercedes dealers do not do this, and I find it very easy to do business with them.

    BTW, I never thought I'd be so interested in an Aston Martin. In my mind, I always thought I'd get a Porsche or even a pre-owned Ferrari.

    Re: Deposit

    Yes, definitely tell them MSRP on the contract. My local dealer refused to do this with a new Porsche, so I found a non-local dealer that would. It's very important for a special car that may have a market value greater than MSRP!

    Re: Deposit

    Any techniques I should use to ensure he gives me the car for MSRP? I was at my MB dealer today and they wanted $55k over sticker for a SL55, bringing the total to $188k. I thought MB was not allowed markup. This little experience is scaring me a little. I am actually putting my deposit down next weekend now. Any advice before I go in would be appreciated.



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