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    New garage advice......

    Hey guys, while I wait for my 997TT to arive (I know, long wait) I'm thinking about adding another garage on to the house. I currently have a three car garage, but the third bay is full of the normal household junk that even though we never use half the stuff, we can't seem to get rid of it. So rather than parking a car outside, I thought I'd expand....

    I'm limited to about 14' in width, but I can be up to 45' in depth, so I can park two end to end, I'd love to restore an older 356 or early 911....

    So, what features should I be considering? I'm planning on a lift, partly because a neighbor is moving and can't take his with him, so I can get it at great price. What else should I consider? Please post pics of other cool features that you can't live without. Sorry 69bossnine, don't have room for your size garage on the property.

    Re: New garage advice......

    Its relatively cheap but really handy- one of the trouble lights that the cord is spring wound and hangs from the roof. I'd suggest one for each spot a car would be at.

    And hey, if you can make it 45' deep why not a lounge at one end with some couches, bar, tv, and stereo for having the guys over for the game

    Re: New garage advice......

    schmuy said:
    And hey, if you can make it 45' deep why not a lounge at one end with some couches, bar, tv, and stereo for having the guys over for the game

    Brilliant idea

    Re: New garage advice......

    and if you dont have it already, a compressed air system that has the hoses spring wound & hang from the ceiling (like dealerships & such have)

    & maybe install a in-floor drainage system so you can wash your cars indoors

    Re: New garage advice......

    Air conditioning, compressed air (with in-line dryer), a ton of wall sockets, and simple/functional cabinets to store all your stuff out of site, and create an area for used oil, solvent, and antifreeze storage drums (it REALLY makes life easier)..., a Safety-Kleen parts cleaner, and a bench grinder.

    In Florida, there's never a need to wash a car inside. It's never very cold, and if it's raining, I just wash my car in the rain, and then pull her inside to dry off. Floor drains are sticky, as the inspector will be uptight about all of the other nasty oils, fuels and chemicals/solvents that could wind up washing down that drain....

    Re: New garage advice......

    Get triple the number of cabinets you think you would need. Clutter is demoralizing. Organization is key. If you're not using it you shouldn't have to look at it. Compressed air and air tools are essential (valve stemnipple, blowernozzle, impact wrench, ratchet, polisher, mini-grinder, air-hammer). Parking a car behind another is a drag. You're too lazy to move the one behind to get the one ahead. Also, if the car you move out of the way doesn't reach operating temp, you repeatedly induce water into the exhaust system which doesn't dry out and can rust internals (?). My $.02.

    Re: New garage advice......

    Park something you drive frequently in the first position, bury what you drive infrequently. Besides, it's really not that much of an issue, as modern aluminized exhaust systems never rust (at least not in your lifetime).

    Re: New garage advice......

    69bossnine said:
    modern aluminized exhaust systems never rust (at least not in your lifetime).

    Good, glad to hear that. I think my highschool shop teacher (RIP) told me that one, WOW.

    Re: New garage advice......

    Be sure to get a vacuum cleaning system, with remote power unit (Put that in a separate room with the air compressor to keep it quiet) and hose ports located thru-out each bay. Have a long large diameter hose makes for a happy cleaning - floors and auto interiors.

    Place large 8' flourescent lamps along front and back walls as well as between car bays.

    Be sure to have a clean garage floor either epoxy paint or other garage rated flooring system. Here in the Northeast, with snow, it tends to stay where it fails, so I would be sure to allow for drainage - either pitching the floor or installing a drain.

    Include a bathroom. I've had one house that came with a bathroom in the garage, and it was great.

    Hot and Cold water faucets with a large utility sink, as well as faucets so you can wash your cars with hot water.

    All ports - Hot and Cold water, air, and vacuum should also be available outside the garage.

    Re: New garage advice......

    Check out this website.

    Absolutely amazing stuff...

    Ultimate Garages



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