Anyone catch it? I downloaded it earlier today and watched it at work. Good stuff!! Tiff was in a 24 hour race and they won their class with a Euro Honda Accord (a tsx to the rest of us back in the states.. or is it a TL? probably a tsx). Anyway, they tried to do a test drive of the "fastest car in the world" a Koenegsegg (SP)-- but it broke twice.. and finally the clutch pedal went to the floor and a few other problems. Naturally, like british people, they considered the few rounds around a track to equal that the car was complete rubbish (so typical). Also, interestingly they did a large segment on what you could by for 7k euro's.. which is like twice that in the states... but apparently you could buy a decent amount- an Audi 2.8 ltr (yeeeah, thank god we never got that, not enough power at all for that big car). A porsche 1994 convertible (the bad one, imo... it was a front engine design, with a horrid color). And/or an mini 2001. Finally, they had a test drive of a track car (something like a radical, but not a radical... vs a bike). Sadly, I would have purchased the bike b/c the rider made it look so much fun. This episode wasn't too good, however, next weeks will test the new S class and a few other cars. Hopefully, they will get their hands on a veyron.