Local dealer actually has a .2 White manual with steel brakes for sale. Of course it has 500 miles and way over list. Now that the 992 will still have NA .2 markups are just not acceptable.  I’m still on the GT3 list but it is rolling over to the 992. By the time I’m 70 maybe. Lol. 

They do have a new building and friendly enthusiast staff so there is hope for them at last  

BTW big surprise, the GT2 RS in the showroom belongs to the dealership owner. 

Mike, I suspect that's temporary. Under Porsche rules he must hold the car for six months before selling for surely far above MSRP.

If the white manual ticks all your boxes, make them an offer. Doesn't cost you anything. If they still insist above MSRP and its not too bad, strike a deal with them. You buy GT3 and they promise you a 992GT3 at MSRP. Think out of the box.Smiley



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