As you know, the Nürburgring is in danger .

Here are a few more infos and the petition to sign in order to save that place.

Please sign it and pass it on , it is serious, consequences are already shown ( scuderia course is canceled for this spring ( after 50 years !! ) , rental cars company have been banned already. 

The ring needs the support of the true sports car community Smiley



SAVE THE RING as it is under serious thread

New Nurburgring by Lindner Hotel chain group and the German Government, partners in CRIME?? !!! ??

Many of you know about the NuroDisney development at the ring but few know about the background and politics. Just a short description of facts and what it means to you as a visitor. 


The state of Germany invested over 400 million of taxpayers money in concrete buildings nobody needs and which fundings are based on false visitor numbers. In fact the Nurburgring is bankrupt since the maximum turnover is not even enough to pay the interest on the loans of this new investment.

New elections in 2011 (every 4 years) meant politicians needed to clean up. Therefore the state of Germany decided to  GIVE AWAY!!! the Nurburgring to a Hotel Chain by the name of Lindner. After all these losses, the state of Germany is still telling that they made the right decision and everything will be back in profit soon now. 


Lindner hotel chain does not have any experience with Motorsport and is only milking the treasure Nordschleife to fill up their Lindner ferien dorf, Lindner 4 star hotel, Lindner 3 star hotel, Lindner Disco, Lindner Roller coaster, lindner Museum, Lindner video system rental, Lindner race taxi, Lindner car rentals etc. This means the local economy is sidelined and therefore is a life threatening situation for us all here.


What does it mean for you as a visitor? 

No free choice of hotel, restaurant, car rental company, instruction, video recording etc etc. They will FORCE you to use ONLY there Lindner this and Lindner that by combining laptickets with so called ‘free’ vouchers for their restaurants, hotels, car rentals, instruction etc etc. 

This monopoly will result in high prices (already visible), no option of choice, no service, no quality of service and even higher prices in case of guardrail damages. 

They will milk you till there’s nothing left and make you pay for everything this Government wasted on their castles in the skies. 



SAVE THE RING, Sign the petition!

Because of the above, it is really needed that you support this battle for justice and sign the petition ( and post on


Please don’t let us down and i hope to see another 5000 or so signatures over the next week from all who love the ring and don’t want to see it go. Please forward this email to all your email database since we need all the help we can get. 




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