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Someone asked if you'd notice the extra 35hp on top of 480. I don't know the answer but I guess it's the same as adding an X50 pkg or going from a 996TT to a 996TS . Is that noticeable? Someone else said a 525hp TTS would be faster than a CGT. A CGT has over 600hp and weighs much less than a TTS. Sure wish Porsche would drop the 4wd on the TTS to save a couple hundred pounds.

Unfortunately, the CGT is an underperformer at higher speeds. The car is slower than one would expect (for whatever reason). Tuned 996TT with around 550hp are about 5-6 seconds faster than the CGT...

It has to do with aerodynamics. The CGT has enormous amounts of downforce, which is why it takes it about 8-10 seconds more to reach 300 km/h than one would assume. It is however a superior performer when it comes to high speed turns. Where the Enzo and the Murc would hit the railing and crash, the CGT stays on its tracks and keeps on going.

Regarding the 997TTS:

If it really gets 525 HP it will be awesome. My next car hopefully...

Nonsense! The CGT's downforce isn't much more than an Enzo or a Ford Gt for that matter. http://motortrend.com/roadtests/coupe/112_0410_lemansintro/index4.html

It has to do with Porsche's over emphasis on the cooling system.

Btw, how can a 20 yrs. old like you afford a Turbo S?

I'd like to hear more about the cooling system causing the lack of performance you're mentioning.

PM me for the other question if you really want to know