MKSGR said:
VKSF said:

I'd bet 90%+ of potential 997TTS buyers aren't really in the economic zipcode of coughing up an additional $60K+ for a 430.....if the P&F buyer bases actually had significant overlap, P wouldn't hesitate to price 997TTS at a 430ish $200K+.

That would then only apply to the US.

In Europe, 996TT buyers already pay as much as you would have to pay for a 430. Both cars are in an identical price range over here. For obvious reasons

I do not know why Porsche sells their cars so cheap in the US.

Fair point, this F vs P price/brand power differential is largely a US phenomenon. I agree that 997TTS is an equal/prob better product than 430 (or even the 430CS it will likely face at launch ). Some of differential is prob related to F's more elite image in US.....if F were to ship 75% of its production to US (and 80-90% of US allocation directly into SF/NYC/LA mkts where its US buyers largely live), that would help ease the differential.

Also, let's realize that mkt for $140Kish daily commuter cars in US is prob only about 5-6K cars/yr...roughly evenly divided btwn 997TTS and SL55. Merc can only sell about 200 SL65/yr (@$200K) in US (and those 65's have horrific resale value).....the air gets fairly thin at the $200K+ league, which F essentially owns in the US.....