Well, the GT2 RS certainly tickles my senses but to be blunt, I have something more exotic (but probably less fast) on my mind. My wife doesn't seem to mind anymore what our neighbors think and my next weekend fun car could be something more exotic. The Huracan but also a McLaren could be a possibility but in the end, the car needs to be fun to drive. We'll see... blush Maybe even the next 991.2 GT3. 

I haven't written off the 911 R completely but I really think I could regret the decision from a fun point of view, certainly not from a value increase point of view.

Just go for it, Christian. My GT3 is parked outside my business and its fine tbh, not even client comments like, ""well we know where our money is being spent""..

Life is too short, buddy.

go for the huracan, aside from being a great drive it helps you to grow your personality:::))))

Why, don't I have enough of it already? Smiley

I don't care about anything other than harming the kids in any way (friends, neighbors) or spending too much money. Everything else is not important when it comes to cars and since this would be a weekend toy, it wouldn't matter to my business (no, I would never park a Huracan in front of my business, my customers would mind!).

The Huracan was just an example. Right now, I do not have any plans of getting a new car but the 911 R came and my enthusiasm for this car is/was quite high. With PDK, I wouldn't have even bothered to think twice about it but with manual, it is a difficult decision. Like I said, I do not plan to get such a car as an investment, so it doesn't matter how valuable (or not) it will be after a couple of years.


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