Do European insurance policies cover damages incurred while the car is being tracked?

During Tourist Days at the Nurburgring (the riskiest of all track days), I think all cars are insured (not part of track exclusion), since it's considered part of the German highway system.

Yes and no. Most insurance contracts have a small fine print saying that "Rundstrecke" is not allowed and although the Nordschleife is basically a public road, insurances refuse to pay. This is valid for most German car insurances, caution! The trick is to tow the car away from the Nordschleife and "declare" the accident somewhere else but this is actually insurance fraud (even if many seem to do it) and if the damage is bigger, they usually send someone to inspect the car and I doubt you get away with it.

When you buy a Porsche with European Delivery, the insurance included (16 days free or extended up to 6 months for additional fee) covers all track days (public or private) with only 1k Euros deductible, as long as not a real sanctioned racing event.

I am not aware that the Porsche insurance for these 16 days (tourist delivery) or extension is valid for any track events, other than the ones organized by Porsche. I may be wrong but I would be very very surprised if it is different because no insurance (I know of) in Germany covers track usage for normal road cars with official registration. Usually, some track events have a special insurance but these events are usually driver ed events or Club events.


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