Would the R be getting the attention if it was an unlimited production car? Which leads to another question. Why make it unlimited if the interest to purchase the car is unlimited? Is Porsche afraid that it would take orders away from exiting models? I have to assume that the R has a good mark up probably more than the regular 911 models. So why not sell it at a steep profit and lose business on the less profitable models?




Of little, to make much: That is the dream of a human life.


After seeing the R in the flesh, I think it is simply the most stunning 911 model in two decades in white with red stripes. I would almost have bought one on the spot. It represents everything the 911 should be and reflects the simplicity and passion that made most of us dream when we were kids. The regular and turbo 991 are too elegant, and the GTx version are ricer cars compared to the R. Of course the MT is a big minus but it is still a stunning car.