Don't know if this has been posted before... But this 918 owner explain the Porsche VIP program in the US. Won't comment anything about my thoughts of this guy though angrySmiley

This guy is the typical YouTuber...he gives people what they want. If he would be too serious (or appear too well educated), half of the people wouldn't watch his channel. Smiley Do not underestimate his intelligence. 

My son sometimes watches videos on YouTube of people playing games. So he basically watches some young people playing a game my son also has for his PS4 and he enjoys watching these videos, for whatever weird reason. These guys have MILLIONS of subscribers and even more clicks and make tons of money. Not because intellectuals or serious people watch this stuff but kids and adolescents. Amazing, how haven't I thought of it earlier? I could have made millions in the past. Smiley Smiley


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