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    997S Test Drive Plus

    This morning I went to Mira to test drive a 997S, which some of you may think is a bit late since I have owned one for nearly a year. You would be right but hey its a free morning of buggering up somebody elses car.

    This car had the PCCB, a short shift gear lever, Sports Chrono and PASM. So a quick impression of each follows.

    PCCB - Pedal travel is so much less than my conventional brake setup and immediately inspires a load more confidence. A slam the brakes on test at 100mph proved absolutely nothing to me as I have no idea if my brakes would have coped as well. Would I order them? Not on your nelly at that price but the brake feel was nice.

    Short Shift Gear Lever - Thank god it can be retrofitted as it gives a really immediate, good impression. It is so positive that it should be fitted as standard.

    Sports Chrono - Although I have always regarded this as a gimmick it did reveal one excellent trait. As it sharpens up throttle reponse to throttle movement it means that when heal and toeing you don't have to bend your foot so much to build up the revs. On downchanges I absolutely loved it and coupled with the PCCB brake travel it makes life a lot easier. The clock and all the rest of it is just a stupid waste and even the instructor said it is useless on track.

    PASM - The Porsche adaptive damping is one step forward in technology too far. Firstly the car never feels alive around you like my -20mm (conventional sprung car) and the steering seems desensitised as a result. Camber changes and quick direction changes also upset the car and it never feels settled. Would I ever get a PASM car? no chance. Oh and it looks like a 4x4 sitting next to mine this morning.

    Finally the track driving was in the wet and the instructor was in no mood to die with little run off area before hitting a great wall of tyres. There were no mad antics from me but i still enjoyed the experience and will hopefully get back to Mira on the wet handling circuit soon to test a Cayman S

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    Nice report! I may see if I can wrangle one of these test drives too at some point.

    Yes, I was told by my OPC Sales mate that PCCB cost an absolute fortune when they go wrong or need replacing, so I never really considered this option myself.

    On the short-shifter I heard good things from lots of guys on this site for this option. However, given my normal shifter gets stiff in the mornings when it's cold, and the short-shifter is supposed to be even worse, I left that one off my list too. So hot locations yes, colder locations no - was my rule of thumb on that one.

    For the -20mm sports suspensions, I basically had a choice when I got my car to get:

    997S Coupe - Power Kit and Sports Suspension
    997S Cab - with lots of creature comforts and PASM

    So hardcore vs best of both worlds. And given I wont ever be taking the car on a track I opted for the latter. I didn't think I would utilize the sports suspension much on the UK public roads so I went for the more GT car option. And I haven't regretted it once since (although retro-fitting the PSE is top of my to-do list right now).

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    I have tried the normal shifter again the other day ( test drove a Cayman) and I would never go for the standard shifter after having driven with the short one.
    The normal one feels sooooooooooooooooooo long, the short one feels like a sport shifter and no problem with it being hard even now with sometimes - 5 degres

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    i thought the PCCB is covered by the warranty?
    hmm... as for the sports chrono.. are you sure it's a good idea to have the throttle reponse so sharp all the time!!?
    Can you switch it off?

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    PCCB would be covered by the warranty but that only lasts for 2 years. So unless you plan on renewing your 911 regularly for a newer model then be prepared to potentially shell out 1000s.

    I myself plan on keeping my 911 long-term and IMHO the normal 997S brakes are fantastic enough as is.

    Sports Chrono comes with a Sports Button to turn sport mode on/off:

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    I don't have Sports Chrono on my car but next time I would consider ordering it because it makes heel and toeing just so much easier. I would ditch the clock though.

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    I remember reading somewhere on this forum that the clock is a removable feature?

    Re: 997S Test Drive Plus

    moto said:
    I remember reading somewhere on this forum that the clock is a removable feature?

    It is said that it pops off easily, can be removed from the wart-ish trim, then the watch itself can be wrapped in padding and stuffed safely in the dash hole. Then you have to find a fake speaker grille or have a leather/vinyl patch made to cover it.

    I believe it should not be disconnected.



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