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    Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    My car should arrive at the OPC the first two weeks of Feb.

    My dilemma is that if it arrives at the beginning of Feb can I wait 4 weeks for the new reg?

    What value do you put on my impatience of not waiting for '05 reg? Please be honest.



    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    They rate the the difference between two plates can be in excess of Pounds500 come resale time on cars of this calibre.

    I think if it was mid summer then I may think differently, but this time of year I think I can wait the couple of extra weeks...

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    a few more answers like this and I will wait!!!

    Which dealer did you buy from and when?

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    'Chapelgate' now know as Porsche Centre Bournemouth.

    Ordered around April time, originally for a feb/mar build - but I don't know whether it was luck, increased allocation or jus general whining (I'm a repeat customer) got a Jan build slot confirmed when I placed the final deposit installment.

    Given the address can I assume you're getting yours from Reading. How are you finding them - I've always found them a bit stuck up in the past....

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Reading OPC pissed me off...the guy was great until I changed my mind from 2.7 to 3.2 and then changed the colour. He gave me an ultimatum..."if I give you a new quote in 10 minutes will you order" I said yes. The call never came!!!

    I tried Chapelgate as I have a customer in Wimbourne but they offered my a July build.

    I bought through West London, although was warned they were arrogant, but they are absolutely great. I got a "Test Drive Plus" invitation which was an hour with a performance car instructor who took me to an ex-MOD facility for an hour of hooning around the circuit, PSM on and off donuts and some great fast roadcraft coaching!!!

    My March build turned into a Feb build and I was told last week end of the month!!!

    I am out of a TT into the Boxster so all new to me. Do you go to any Porsche/PCGB events??

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Wait until March 1st. 2 extra weeks is nothing. My 997 has been at my OPC since December and I'm not collecting it until 1st March.

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Did the Test Drive Plus too in the 997S as at the time I had deposits on both - went with the 987S in the end as it me MY requirements better. But it is a great laugh - did one 4 years ago too in the 'old' Boxster S before I picked mine up - it was during the awful storms we were having too and they way it coped with standing water on the bends would have sold me the car if I hadn't already ordered one.

    Well - welcome to the Board anyhow - there's a few of us around London an dthe SE and we're already talking of a meet up soonish after we collect our cars - joined PCGB the first time round but only went to the annual bash at HighClere that year - not bad....

    You'll miss the turbo lag from the TT - when I was looking for my first boxster I had originally thought I'd get the TTR225, great car and no real lag - until I drove it back to back with the Boxster - then there was no going back

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    ISUK said:
    Wait until March 1st. 2 extra weeks is nothing. My 997 has been at my OPC since December and I'm not collecting it until 1st March.

    now that's will power.....

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    How did you get the test drive plus from West London??? Is this something they offered you?

    Ive ordered my S from there (due 1st March) and they havent offered me one the feckers

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    How did you get the test drive plus from West London??? Is this something they offered you?

    Ive ordered my S from there (due 1st March) and they havent offered me one the feckers

    My mate a t work wanted a 2.7 so I told him to go to WL and he did....hence TDP.

    What you ordered?

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Ive ordered a 3.2s....

    Gonna have to give them a ring me thinks, had my testdrive and it was only 10 minutes! I was late but what can you do!

    Def fancy ragging someone elses Boxster round a track before mine!

    So did they offer it and I assume it was free?

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Don't understand this - replied to this post but the system has dumped it elsewhere. Any way try again.

    I am p****d off. Why has everyone been told when they are going to get their cars except me? I ordered it in Sept 03, put deposit down in Dec 03, specced it / placed second deposit in Sept 04. In Nov 04 I was told I couldn't change the spec because the car was "scheduled for production" and yet when I rang my dealer this week he told me that other than "Feb 05" he won't be able to tell me for another 2 - 3 weeks when my car is being built much less delivered.
    Rumour from Valmet, Finland is that the delay was caused by a weirdo with a Danish accent seen running off with my wheels.

    Re: Collection Dilemma - '54 or '05

    Rich C (UK) said
    now that's will power.....

    Not really...... I'm still figuring out how I'm going to pay for it!!



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