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    Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    I was in Austria for Christmas and on Auto und Motor Sport TV they were running a GT3 modified by Olaf Manthey at the Nurnburgring. I didn't cath all of it but I did here them mention that it has 420HP.

    Does anyone else have information or maybe even saw the show? It was a silver GT3 with the Manthey Magensium wheels on it.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    Can we talk german?

    My english is not really good. But what I can say?

    The car was driven by Tim Schrick and it was tuningTV on DSF. Not Vox.

    Just watch out for the replay on DSF!
    The car has only 413 hp, Magnesium rims and an other spoiler. It is CfK-material and the spoiler looks like the GT2-one.

    Now in german:

    Der Spoiler bringt ca. 45 kg mehr Anpressdruck auf der Hinterachse. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit soll weiterhin über 300 km/h liegen, was insofern ein guter Wert ist, da der Spoiler eher abbremsend wirkt.

    Die Magnesium-Felgen wiegen nur 7,5 kg pro Stück. Das Fahrzeug war bestückt mit Cup-Reifen. Von welcher Marke kann ich nicht sagen. Die Mehrleistung wird durch Sport-Kats, einen anderen Ansaugtrakt, ein modifiziertes Motormanagement und einen Sportluftfilter erreicht.

    Die Kosten des Tunings und der Felgen wurden leider nicht erwähnt.

    Es war, glaube ich Folge 24.

    Viel Spaß beim anschauen.

    Was ich empfehlen kann ist Rolf Schmierler. Er hat unseren GT3 auf knapp 400 PS getunt. Wird haben aber ein Modelljahr 2000 und keinen neueren. Der Motor läuft wie geschmiert und das unter hohen Belastungen. Bis jetzt traten keinerlei Probleme auf. Ich weiß auch noch von 2 weiteren GT3 früheren Modelljahres, die auch von RS getunt sind und bestens gehen.

    Was noch? In Kombination mit einer kürzeren Getriebeübersetzung ist das Fahrerlebnis noch besser. Siehe Umbau auf kurze Übersetzung im deutschen Forum.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    Translation: The spoiler brings about 45 kg more downforce on the rear axle. The top speed should furhtermore lie at over 300km/h, which is a good value, because the spoiler works very braking. The magnesium rims way only 7,5 kg each. The car was equipped with cup-rims. I can not say which brand. The performance is reached by sport cat's, changed intake traject, modified motormanagement and sports air filter. The costs of tuning and rims were not specified. It was I believe ???
    Enjoy the watching.
    I can recommend Rolf Schmierler. He has tuned our GT3 at 400 HP. But we have a my2000, and not any newer. The engine runs perfect, even under high stress. No probs untill now. I know of two other early GT3's that have been tuned by RS, and go strong.

    What else? In combination with shorter gears the driving experience is even better. See Umbau in short translation in the german board...

    Or so... my german is not perfect, but most of it is clear.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    not cup-rims - cup-tires.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    And ref the text on the rims: Forged Magnesium - BBS for Manthey Motors.

    Seems that they have some serious stuff going on. Nice rims by the way, just not sure how they would look on a street car.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    Carlos from Spain said:

    What's with the center-lock and regular wheel bolt mounting.

    Is one of the methods optical-only (fake)?

    Or, is the safety-wired hex fastener not a wheel-keeping device?

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    I don't know but I'm willing to bet that its just a fake "center-lock look" center cap. Also those regular bolts look used as you would expect, but the center lock looks good as new without a scratch or dirt.

    Re: Manthey GT3 on Auto Moto Sport

    It's a fake cap sold by FVD, among others.....



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