These are some scary stories, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Glad you made it OK. I would not have risked my life to save the house as my family and charity are too big responsibilities to support.

Now you know why I want to move to Florida, not to California. You can run from a Hurricane and if you have a condo, it usually is still there where you left it after a Hurricane but wild fires and earthquakes are a different story. Smiley

I understand however why Watt wouldn't want his house to burn down and/or to be looted (is that a thing during wild fires? I guess so...), so it is understandable that he wants to stay and keep it from burning down but like you, I would have probably left, my kids (and I assume my wife as well Smiley) would be devastated without me.

And you feel the style/atmosphere in California is remotely comparable with Florida? Smiley

They only thing they have in common is that the sun shines...


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