My normal insurance does not cover me on tracks . I need to do a 3rd party one, or take an extra negotiated one with my regular insurance,  for about 1500 CHF a day .  

I have never insured my cars on the track up to now .  Tomorrow I am heading for Le Castellet, Paul Ricard Circuit  . No insurance .

I never had a track insurance or bothered to be interested in one. If you know the organizer and/or the other drivers, I don't think a lot can happen if everyone tries to have fun without showing off too much or trying to brake the track record. Smiley Just yesterday evening, I was talking to a friend on the phone who is a regular track driver (almost every weekend) and he never had insurance. Neither do the other drivers. Common sense is the key word here, if you drive within your limits, not a lot can happen other than some scratched rims or a bit of paint/glass damage.


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