After having tried different solutions to get "double trouble" with me in the GTS I finally found a forward-facing child seat which fits great in the 991 rear seat. Since it has been a rather painful exercise to find a suitable seat, and most information on other forums and the Internet in general is incomplete and inconsistent, I though I could type it up here. Maybe it helps someone in a similar situation.


I ended up with the Cybex Juno 2-Fix seat which is made for children 9-18kg weight or 9 months to 4 years age. It it is a robust, light and modern seat.

The Juno has mounts for the Isofix hooks in the 991 and it is easy to push to lock. The child is strapped behind an "impact shield" using the normal seat belt. The impact shield helps to keep the head up in case of a frontal collision.

The Juno fits perfect in the 991 rear and there is plenty of space for the legs and the feet. The impact shield turned out to be a great sleeping pillow too. In other child seats the head slumps forward in an uncomfortable position, but here the head rests on the shield.

I put 5mm protective mats under and behind the Juno to protect the alcantara and leather. Mats, seats and children were all easier than expected to install in the car Smiley

Overall I am very happy with this solution and the little guys truly enjoyed coming along Smiley



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