The typical Porsche customer doesn't seem to mind the 675LT...or he has both. 

Btw: Interesting thing I heard recently. The 911 R was supposed to be limited edition at first but then, demand assessment seemed to be so overwhelming that they wanted to offer it without limitation. At the last moment, the Porsche leadership apparently decided to limit production for whatever reasons. This also got many many customers very since A. many cars are now allocated through a lottery at dealers, B. USA 918 VIP customers seem to get their choice to get a 991 R if they want to, German 918 customers apparently not (one reason why the US may get over 400 cars, the biggest allocation for a single country) and C. many customers are because production is limited.

So overall, it seems that the 991 R has stirred up lots of (negative) emotions, which is sad.

I understand that Porsche wanted to offer a special limited edition model but to be honest: Would it have killed Porsche to forget about any limitation and offer this fantastic car to all enthusiasts? They did this with the RS, so why not with the R as well? It now becomes the object of speculation and bad feelings, which is sad.



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