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    pdk chuncking normal?

     has anyone experienced chunking sounds with the pdk when cruising on low speed with high gears?

    try to cruise on a high gear (higher than what you should be on, which is not a difficult thing with the standard pdk gear mapping), like between 3-5 while doing 40mph. Then release the pedal suddenly, there may be a mild chunk in transmission for that instant. Then when you press the pedal suddenly you get the same chunking again. 

    the dealer said it is normal to have such sounds on high gears just as you would in a manual gearbox.

    comments pls.


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    Re: pdk chuncking normal?

    I get a big jolt when in Sports Mode, if I need to reduce speed gradually (when I approach a speed-breaker for e.g.).  As the car downshifts into first gear - there is a big thump and jolt.  Not nice if you are normally a smooth driver!! 

    The dealer says it will get better as I drive it more....


    Re: pdk chuncking normal?

    @C2nerves: This sound is usual in standard mode when, for example, you get 6th gear at even below 2000rpm. It bothers me only if I look for and pay attention to the sound!

    @Arshad: I've also noticed that happening but not always. Usually, I get it when I enter town in Sport mode after a spirited drive.  When only driving normally in town engagement of 1st gear is very smooth 99.99% of the time. 

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    Re: pdk chuncking normal?

    Thanks Reginos. I'm in a way glad to know that this sound is normal. You are right, you should be looking for it to hear it. I guess with pdk you should just enjoy its performance instead of looking for flaws, since it is rough around the edges...

    We get this chunking in a manual tranny when driving at low speed/high gear. I guess this should be normal.

    As for the thump on downshift from 2 to 1, I have experienced the same, but not all the time.

    It seems this depend on the way you drive!? they say that this transmission is programmed to configure itself with different driving methods. Thats the same thing they said about the tip, though I never realized any changes. 


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