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    Paint protection.....

    The 987s will be my first ever new car and I was planning on getting some paint protection for the nose..

    Does anybody have any recommendations or opinions on this?? Do they work and can you see them on the body? I was thinking of one of those plastic skins you can get but not sure what is best for your Pounds

    Re: Paint protection.....

    Can't remember which forum I picked this up on but someone said these guys are pretty good. IMHO I would bother as I'm sure a stone will go through this stuff if it hits it hard enough - it is only clear vinyl after all. I'd be a bit worried also about the edge of the film collecting dirt and becoming more noticeable over time. Buy a touch up stick and just accept stonechips as part of the ownership experience.


    Re: Paint protection.....

    Personally wouldn't bother - my last Boxster (seal grey) picked up more than it's fair share of chips, but they didn't show too much and some regular attention with some touch up paint, a cocktail stick, a hairdryer (I can elaborate if you want) and a little Langka took care of them well enough that the dealer didn't have to do anything to the paint work at all when I traded it (3yrs/24k miles). The same method seems to be doing OK on my black Mini too...

    I have heard some good stuff about the 3M stuff though - but it costs a bit, not to short of getting a pro to spray the front, and I'd worry about the line across the bonnet as it doesn't cover the whole panel.

    Re: Paint protection.....

    You can always buy a total cover and drive around with that...
    I have personally never seen the point of using nose guards or what they are called.
    You can either live with the chips or drive around in a $$$, nose-covered sportscar looking ridiculous IMO.
    I assume you bought the Boxster because you liked its looks?
    Give it a good waxing or coating every once in a while.
    That's also more fun to do than fitting the cover

    Re: Paint protection.....

    A good installation of the 3M clear bra is almost invisible unless you're standing on top of the car. I've heard very good things about it and I'm very much considering this for my 987 when it comes in.


    Re: Paint protection.....

    Oh, I thought it was one of those classic American vinyl thingies.
    Sorry....I have been in a coma for 12 years.
    ...what year is this? Just heeard the Berlin wall came down! Amazing..



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