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    Cruise Control for 996

    Anyone here ever had a problem with their cruise control, mine does not function anymore, after a porsche tech friend worked on my car installing a new brake booster. Any suggestions on what might be the problem. I think he may have screwed something up in the front compartment when he changed the brake booster on my 996. Please help the dude i trusted wont return my phone calls. A leson well learned never try to save extra money, just going to have to pay extra money and have it properly serviced at my local dealer. It really stinks let this guy borrow my car and it comes back with three front fender dents and 45 miles on the odometer and a non functioning cruise control. NEVER trust anyone working on your porsche at home even if they are factory trained techs....I learned my lesson!!

    Re: Cruise Control for 996

    I would NEVER let somebody privately work on my brake. A good advise: take your 996 to your nearest dealer as soon as possible and let them have the brake system (incl. the brake booster install) checked. It is for your own safety.
    While your 996 is at the dealer, let them check with their PST2 if the cruise control has been turned off. If not, let them check what is wrong.

    Sorry to say that but I never understand why people pay a lot of money for a Porsche and then try to save a buck or two by letting people privately servicing the car or even at independent Porsche repairs shops. It is like going to a witch doctor or a voodoo priest instead of a real physician.

    Don't worry, be happy. It could have been worse.

    independent Porsche repair shops

    Maybe you over generalise a little here Christian?

    In some parts of the world, the independents can be pretty good. For example, the UK. And there, the official dealers can be a lot more expensive. But my experience in that on the continent the official dealers aren't too overpriced. So it makes sense. Not always true though.

    And I also think a lot depends on how old the car is and what work is being done. By this point, many of the independents are very capable of working on and fixing some of the older Porsche. In some specialist areas (for example, track cars) maybe they are even better able?

    Just my two cents.


    Re: independent Porsche repair shops

    There is either a brake pedal position sensor or a mechanical microswitch on all cars that deactivates cruise control when you tap the brakes. Sounds like it just needs recalibration after the recent brake work as the new booster probably resulted in a different " resting " position of the pedal that currently is telling the cruise control that your brakes are applied when they aren't.



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