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    Enzo exhaust

    Went to Ferrari today, where they had three enzos.
    Very nice car, much better in reality than on pics.
    One of them was being fitted with lots of goodies, Stereo Bose, Sat nav, etc...
    The chief mechanic told me there is a very nice trick with the exhaust, basically, exactly the same as on the 996 with PSE. They've installed a switch on the dashboard, which controls flapper valves which free the exhaust, and believe, what sounded quite nice as standard, just sounded completely out of this world! Awesome!
    Even a 360 Stradale could not compete, and they had one though (with the white stripe ) sounded surreal!
    So anyway, Enso owners probably know about this but if not, it's a very easy trick to be done. You can also do it manually by unplugging two wires next to the exhausts. He showed me. I can go back and take pics if you want more info.
    Strangely, since the 360 has a similar flapper valve system, I thought this could be done too, but the guy told me it's never been done.
    If client want a bigger noise, they just go for Tubi.
    But I reckon it's probably feasable.
    Anyway, visit to the Ferrari garage was very nice! Staff is young and cool, they washed my 996 for free

    Re: Enzo exhaust

    Fanch? where that? in Aberdeen?

    Re: Enzo exhaust

    No no playboy man;)
    I wish...
    I'm taking two weeks off. So I'm in Paris right now for a few days.
    It was in levallois which is the main french dealership, which Ferrari spa bought a few days ago actually, apparently, italian managers are fighting right now to leave the crapy village of Maranello (I've been there, it really is crapy) to get a job in Paris and the Ferrari France team is bit anxious of what the new macaronis managers will be like!;) Time will tell. They will also buy Maranello Sales in time in the UK. Same moves as Porsche.
    You know what, I think I might go back there tomorrow and take a couple of pics. Nothing like three Enzos, two F40s, a Stradale and a 288GTO aligned. Really nothing...

    Re: Enzo exhaust

    Now I understand how you saw 3 Enzo
    Hope well for the italian managers, but normally french people don't like too much italians.
    I have been very disappointed by the customer care service of Ferrari dealers in France and UK.
    If you don't show them immediatly that you are going to buy a Ferrari, they just don't lose time with you.
    Hope that with the new management there will be an improvement.

    PS: how is in Paris nignt life during the week in this period? here is empty Tonight I have been to Monaco, Nice, Juan Les Pins and back to Cannes.....and there is no one...
    Hope the next days will be better...

    Re: Enzo exhaust

    Pretty calm here too. Xmas is family time. Haven't been out though, but not even tempted to be honest. Recovering from Aberdeen, its haggis, [oops] weather and scottish accent!!!



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