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    Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    Hey guys!

    After a long time I was at the Ring recently.
    It seems that I forgot how to drive fast at the ring - probably beause of our little dog who is always waiting at the parking lot for daddy coming back healthy - but nevertheless I made a new Video.
    I put my GoPro and an external mic at the helmet. Although it was not my best lap, I think the perspective is really interesting ant the sound really realistic.
    Even it is the fourth summer with my Cayman, I love it as at the first day!

    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    Very nice video and awesome sound! kiss I tried the same mount on my helmet but the angle was not as good as yours. Need to adjust that.

    Do you have a GoPro Hero2? Which external microphone are you using? I just got an Olympus ME-15 microphone for the GoPro but did not have a chance to try it out yet.


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    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring


    Yes, it's a GoPro Hero 2. The mic is a Sony ECM-DS 70 P, which works really good.

    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    Good stuff..kiss

    What was the hold-up at 5.30?



    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    Excellent!  I am a GoPro fan.  We will be seeing a lot of that I have a feeling.

    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    Yes, the GoPro is really flexible to use and the perspective from the helmet gives a good feeling of the driving experience, I think.

    @ John H: at 5:30 there there was some road work, but I don´t know exactly, what they were doing.

    Re: Porsche onboard with helmet cam at the Ring

    That is one great video. Love it... and am amazed by the sound of your car. Might have asked you before but what exhaust do you have?



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