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    Re: Porsche Cayman by AutoBild

    A couple more spy pics of the Porsche Cayman...

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    Re: Porsche Cayman by AutoBild

    The more I see the new version the more I'm considering one again. I know the measurements are the same but visually the Boxster always appeared broader/wider from the rear than the Cayman (dare I say more planted?). Note I said "appeard" and do not wish to start a debate about handling characteristics. Hopefully they achieve the same visual effect now that the roof seems less pitched. Isuk's Dino project got me thinking - wonder what it'll look like in the right colour orange? A comlication in my country is that new, specced, Cayman S money also buys a low milage 997 S which is arguably more car for the money. A no-brainer for dreamcar I'm sure.

    Re: Porsche Cayman by AutoBild


    A comlication in my country is that new, specced, Cayman S money also buys a low milage 997 S which is arguably more car for the money. A no-brainer for dreamcar I'm sure.

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    Even a new specced Boxster S is more money than a low mileage 997S. No brainer indeed in value terms although having said that the 981 Boxster S is a wonderful looking car and would be a more natural successor for our beloved and still missed 06 cobalt Boxster S. Here in the UK you can barely scratch the surface of the performance of the 997S. Money aside, SWMBO would swap our 997 for a new Boxster in less than a heartbeat. A new Cayman has no appeal to either of us and we would never go back to one after the 997 which is a better car in every way IMO except for ultimate mid engine handling precision.

    We received an invitation in the post last week from the garage that sold us the Cayman to a whole day Driver Experience at Silverstone to drive the entire Porsche range - if it is an attempt to re-establish goodwill with a lost customer then it's too little and too late, but would be rude not to accept their kind invitation, don't you think? smiley


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    Re: Porsche Cayman by AutoBild

    Just take a Boxster and add that roof. 

    come on.... how much surprise you would expect?

    Re: Porsche Cayman by AutoBild

    Next Porsche Cayman earmarked for Los Angeles debut...

    Ever since the 2013 Porsche Boxster debuted earlier this year, we've been wondering when its hardtop sister, the Cayman, would show up. According to Automotive News, we'll be waiting for many more months, as Porsche is reportedly set to hold off on debuting the Cayman until the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.
    Much like the Boxster, the big changes for the new Cayman will be a reduction in weight and a focus on better fuel economy while not sacrificing performance. We fully expect both of the Boxster's flat-six engines to carry over largely unchanged, likely putting out 265 horsepower in its base configuration and 315 hp in the Cayman S.
    We ought to have the official details ahead of the car's official unveiling, but until then, buckle in – it's still a long way 'til November.

    Next Porsche Cayman earmarked for Los Angeles debut -- Autoblog article

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