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    997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    This week I had the chance to test drive a 997S Cab 2 with PDK.  Well, I took the car for a mountain road I know very well, and started to test the S properly Smiley All I can say is that I just started to play with PDK buttons, as if I had this system on my car for 10 years, I´m really stuned by all internet criticism towards the "counter intuitive buttons" , they are perfect and feet like a glove for me. I made many miles on mountain roads for the first time on PDK car, and not for a single moment, I even thought on which gear I was or should be, I was having fun and driving the hell out of it in manual mode SC+. I was like " what the hell those guys were talking about, these buttons are as intuitive as making a turning signal". Really, I´m bummed why so many people are having problems with this system.

    As to the PDK, it´s fast indeed, but up-shifts aren´t lightning fast as many as stated, you still have a very small delay, even with SC+ on. Down-shifts are really fast. PDK gives the chance to choose several settings for several kind of driving moods, which is great, and it works like a limo on normal automatic mode, being very smooth between gears. Even when I was with steering wheel almost locked, I could easily change gears due to this wonderful push/pull buttons system. I had already drove Gallardo e-gear and M5 and loved the padlles system, didn´t had absulately any dificulty with it either, so after all the "PDK drama" I really wasn´t expecting to drive it and use it in such intuitive way.
    The fact you can use the stick, can give you some how the placebo feeling you´re driving a manual so...Smiley

    As to other general aspects, I find the chassi to be far more solid and stiff than my previous 996 Cab, very rigid for a Cab. Tires were a bit worn but even so the S was glue to tarmac, it felt very communicative, predictable and safe to drive fast, GREAT GREAT chassi. Engine sound at idle is a desgrace, kind of dieseling kind of sound, but after 3000rpm is pure joy.
    I played and slide with it easily (safe areaSmiley) but when I tried to make a 180º slide, it wasn´t easy, with a manual, I would have drop the clucth with half accelerator and the job was done, but with PDK is not so simple.

    Car I tested was a demo. It had 19000Km of test drives including some days at the track, and the  feeling this car had, was amazing, like a brand new product. Everything felt solid and robust , which goes in favour of Porsche build quality. I just hope these new DFI engine to be bullet proof, has even the 997 I Gen. are having some isseus on this regard.

    One last word for the white color this car had. I always hated white on a sports car, it´s a color suited for Bentleys, Rolls and big Mercedes, although now, it´s the fashion color to have on any car. I really liked to see the Carrera in white , it showed very well the beautiful lines this car has. I still can´t order a white car for me, but definitely changed my mind about this color, i´ts beautiful indeed, specialy at night where it stands out much more than any other.

    After the test I place an order for a Black/beije 997S Cab2 PDK, with LSD Smiley for end July delivery Smiley Always had manual Porsche before this one, but decided to go for PDK to try the new driving aproach PDK provides.

    Enjoy the pics...

    White 997S


    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

     Thank you for posting your detailed experience. Like many of us, I'm wrestling with the PDK vs manual decision and it's helpful to hear what everyone else thinks.

    2007 Carrera S Cab

    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    Thanks for the write up!


    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

     Excellent summary.  I am still having some problems getting used to the steering wheel buttons.  The downshift "underside" seems to fall more readily to my finger than the "topside" upshift falls to my thumb. I do enjoy the stick shifting which does require one pay attention to the tachometer!  I am very enthusiastic about PDK, but  I can certainly understand those who wish to remain true to the manual transmission. I don't see the choice as right or wrong as many often frame it. Whatever configuration gives the individual driver the most pleasure and satisfaction is the correct choice. I do believe that PDK provides a far less compromised choice than any previous two pedal transmission. I agree that the idle of the 3.8 DFI engine is uninspiring to put it mildly. I hope to hear the PSE at the dealer sometime soon and then decide if the retrofit will improve the sound sufficiently to justify the cost. Congratulations on your order!  I have no regrets w/ the PDK in my C2S Cab.  Now you just have to wait for delivery!!

    Carpe Diem

    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    Thanks for your write up!

    I am very glad you found the PDK  interface  functional and not at all counter-intuitive. I agree 100% with your comment in this respect after 7000kms with my car. Up till now I thought there was something wrong with me Smiley, because everyone on rennteam is knocking the Porsche interface. I am glad that I've found at least one other person to have the same opinion.

    You will enjoy your new car very much, it's very fast with great real world performance and very robust and you can use it every day for all your needs.

    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    great news indeed !!!

    Many congrats, and good luck with the wait !!!


    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    Great report, thanks for sharing your impressions.

    Great pic also, 997.2 looks really good in white.


    The secret of life is to admire without desiring.

    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test



    Nice picture on the Guincho road!

    Brings back very good memories.

    Thank you!!

    Re: 997S Cab2 PDK Drive test

    Thanks for the review my friend.

    As I told you, I would definatley go for the PDK. This is the gearbox of 2009. Of course, you have to get used to and 180 Degree spins are more difficult, but over the full range the PDK has only advantages.



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