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    991 vs. i8

    Hi all!

    In the next 4 weeks I wanted to order a 991S for 02/13 delivery. But now my BMW salesman told me the pricing of the new BMW i8 hybrid ... well known as Tom Cruise´ car in MI4.

    The price is between 110.000 and 120.000 Euro - respectively 110.000 - 120.000 USD ( Europe car in USD pricing is not the same as exchange rate ) which is pretty close to a well-equipped 991S. The delivery starts end of 2013 - at least in Europe. So I would have to drive my current car for another 6-8 months which is not a real problem.

    Now I´m in doubt what to do .... a critical decision.

    Is someone in the same situation? Is anybody here helping me in this decision-making process Smiley








    BMW X6 4.0d * Mini Cooper S Cabrio * 991 (02/2013)

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    Very interesting that the 18 is being produced, I thought it would stay as a concept. Now i'm gonna have to reconsider too...........

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    Hybrid technology needs time. I wouldn't like to be an experimental pioneer and jump into such new products. Diesels are as economical as hybrids without any of the complications.

    Want a sportscar, then buy a Porsche.

    Besides I wouldn't buy a product endorsed by Tom Cruise indecision


    "Form follows function"

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    I've reconsidered....nah, I'm gonna stick with my passion, I have always dreamt of having a 911 and in my eyes the new 991s is fantastic!! For me, its the ideal car. I considered the panamera & my wife keeps on telling me to get it, but i dont love it. Cant wait for my 991....

    Good luck, whatever choice you make

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    I am skeptical about BMW in general. I like the brand because my first "good" cars were from BMW and I am a fan of BMW Motorrad.

    However, their more special cars overpromise on the spec sheet but undeliver on the road. The 6 series previous and present are nothing special given the prices and the featured technology, the M5 has traction issues according to rennteam, the Z cars are just poseur cars etc.

    The "ultimate driving machine" brand now makes some excellent diesels and successful middle segment saloons for family/business transport. The only BMW I find desirable now is the outgoing M3 Coupe but then again I am not fond of the idea of a large V8 to power a small car. And in its class the 911 is the leader.



    "Form follows function"

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    The only BMW I would consider is if they replaced the 8 series (E31) with a suitable replacement. 

    That pre-Bangle model was a great tourer and a great looker.  I enjoyed the experience whilst waiting for the 997 to be launched as I decided to give the 996 a miss!



    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: 991 vs. i8

    That´s an interesting choice of cars. I find it difficult to judge the i8 without having driven the car, having experienced its character or discovered its quirks on a day-to-day basis. For me, it would depend on whether I use this car as a daily driver or just for some weekend fun. If both, one cannot go wrong with the 991.



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