Prashan said:
With UK dealers quoting 6 to 12 month wait for new 997's, the 997 will hold its value well in the UK. The UK market is saturated with new cars and most cars over the Pounds50 bracker drop heavily in the first year - the new 6 Series is showing signs of these with nearly new cars being offered at over 12% less than new.

As per Robbo's view, I am confident that the UK prices for the 997 will be strong for at least the first 12 months. The Sunday Times Driving section is the benchmark to use in reviewing used car prices in the UK - you will note that there aren't any cars for sale second hand below list.

I intend to keep my 997S for about 10 months and hope to move to a C4S - I am planning on loosing a maximum of Pounds3k in 10 months - 4.3% - not bad for a car that costs cPounds70k in the UK.


Can I assume then that you will be selling it privately? You certainly won't get that trading it in to an OPC for the C4S. I agree with the general thrust though, the residuals are pretty safe for the first 2 years. After that if the volumes are anywhere near the 996, then there will be substantail drops.