Did anyone catch World Superbike Race 1 from Monza last weekend? It has been a long time since I've been jumping around yelling at the TV while watching a race. F1 certainly has the backstory, but aside from great strides being made by Brawn and Redbull, as well as the slide of McLaren and Ferrari, there really isnt a whole lot of on track, wheel to wheel racing. I'd forgotten about how good it was. A few highlights:

-American rookie Ben Spies, on his first visit to Monza, doing stoppies (nose wheelies) into turn 1 at 190+mph, lap after lap. And setting a new circuit record.

-Italian Fabrizio riding like a possessed person, tail out under heavy breaking to pass Spies for the lead in 1, waves to Ben on the way by.

-Crazy, 3-way fight for the lead between Haga, Spies, and Fabrizio with a handful to go, Spies hits the front and begins to break the Ducatis on the final lap, and then runs it out of gas into the parabolica, within sight of the checkers, finishing 15th.

What a race, despite the grizzly wreck in 1 at the start. It'd be really nice to be able to identify what they're doing right in that series to get that level of competition. Max and Bernie could use a lesson perhaps.