I do not drive my 911 during the winter months. The snow is not the issue, the salt, sand and the other drivers are. Driving in the winter is driving the car in a wet salty slush that corrodes the drive train worse than 10 years of normal driving. Then there is the sand, working its way into moving parts acting like sand paper, causing wear to everything that moves. Even if I could justify the cost of the extra maintenance that winter driving means to this car, what is the point of driving a real sports car in conditions that require that I drive the car judiciously. At least for this driver, driving a sports car is all about driving on twisty roads faster and smoother than the rest of cars on the road. Accelerating, braking and turning with precision and at the limits of the car and tires. In the context of winter conditions the 911 is just not going to be used like I want to use it. Winter driving is about driving slowly, carefully and always looking out for the other guy. So I store the car for the winter and wait for the first spring day.

My ritual is like others on this board.
1) Wash and wax car. Clean interior. Clean rims and tires. Remove CD from radio.
2) Drive car hard making sure brakes become nice and hot to get rid of any moisture.
3) Wipe down rims to get rid of the rusty crud.
4) Fill tank with best fuel available.
5) Change oil and filter.
6) Fill the tires to ~55psi.
7) Plug in battery charger.
8) Put car in gear. Leave handbrake off.
9) Cover car with breathable cover (keeps dust off).
10) Once every month, roll car 2 or 3 feet.
11) Wait for spring!