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    Foglights + Cornering lights

    I plan on replacing my foglights (H11) and cornering lights (H3) to a whiter one to match my xenon light

    which one matches more to the xenon light? PIAA Xtreme White or PIAA Super White?

    thank you so much

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    Here try this site.They have good stuff that will match exactly how you want.

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    which one do you think I should get?

    xenonmatch Titanium
    xenonmatch plus


    Do you have experience with PIAA?

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    I would call them and try to find out what would be the best one to get cause i dont have these as of yet either.If i were to pic one though i would go with the one that the Touareg is using on there website.
    Sorry about that but i have never really used those.I have always went with sylvania myself.Now that i know about this new site though i think i am going to get some of these in the near future.Later

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    devoman: thank you so much for the info

    Does anyone else have any idea?

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    devoman: what car do you own? the one you use sylvania. I emailed them and they said that I should use the xenonmatch.

    can you tell me more about sylvania? thanks

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    I have a CRV and a VW Touareg.Currently i am in the process of deciding if i want to add a Cayenne to the family.I dont know for sure yet though.I used the sylvania silverstars for the CRV and i am looking into HIDs and xenonmatch for the VW Touareg.Here is the site for them I hope this helps some.sorry if dont have a Cayenne at the moment but i am still debating.I can definently say that i did get the cayenne roof rails for the Touareg and that was the best purchase i ever made.

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    hopefully you add the big baby in ur garage soon!! let us know what color ur getting etc...

    thanks so much for the web add and the info

    Re: Foglights + Cornering lights

    just ordered PIAA 4150K 55W H3 and H11, H3 for my cornering light and H11 for my foglight, the xenon is 4300K I think. The closest one to 4300K is 4150K, extreme white I'll install them next week with my new Porsche Silver hood crest, clear side marker and new plate frame I'll post picture after that



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