Saffron yellow will be a nightmare to match for most bodyshops should any repairs be required. Just watching the Porsche official video on the colour on YouTube illustrates that Porsche even have trouble applying it in the clinical conditions of the factory paintshop. Renault seem to manage to provide a vibrant metallic yellow and metallic red on cars like the Megane without resorting to the multi layer process involved with Saffron so why can't Porsche do the same yes They need to consider that their cars are more likely to be used daily by owners so ease of repair and the ability to match paint colours with partial repairs is important.

Renault and Porsche do not have the same paint supplyer. 

Renault , Audi and Ferrari have the same one . Smiley

The special red and yellow on the Renault are made with a special coating that gives the special deep look 


 964 Carrera 4 --  997.2 C2S , -20mm -- 991.2 GT3 RS