Oh,  can imagine you try to avoid flying one after such an experience.
Which leads me to the question; when did you involuntarily fly a helicopter and how did that come to pass?

The only time I flew in a helicopter was the evacuation flight after my paragliding accident. They tried to sedate me in advance, but I told them that it would be my first helicopter ride and that I wanted to stay awake :-)
Sadly I was lying flat on a stretcher and didn't get to look around much, as my neck and back were stabilized. I was screaming to the doctor that I wanted the headphones on, because then I could listen to the pilot's conversation, but he just kept gesturing that I needed to relax... so when I kept screaming, he gave me the headphones to talk to me, but all I wanted was to listen to the pilot! Haha got a big thumbs up from the pilot when he heard that :-)


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