Update Porsche OEM Lithium Battery:

I just wanted to follow up on my decision to have this new battery installed in our RS. Aside from the weight savings and its looks, this battery really performs! Everything is so snappy now-- from unlocking the car and the fast response of the window when you open the door, to how quickly the engine turns over and ignites the fuel.

My car was never like that before, who knew a battery could provide so much extra joy... smiley

Haha surely you jest. I've had two Spyders and two 997.2 GT3s, first set of Spyder/GT3 was without Lithium, and the second time around it was specced with Lithium. Could I feel the difference? Not at all. Maybe I'm just not as in tune with these things as you are!

Btw, been reading this thread with interest.  Lately I've been dreaming of buying a RS just like yours including black/grey  colour. I want something to keep with manual and without electric steering which I really don't like much. RS makes the most sense. Love your car, and until I find the right spec one (I'm in no hurry), I live vicariously through you!