Just rent good skis, totally the same, even better since you get new ones every year and don't have to carry them... Unless you ski over 3 weeks a year, doesn't seem worth it either financially...

Skis vary in quality and handling, if you are a good skier, you want your own. Same goes to the ski binding and boots. 

We only rent skis when we want to try a new and improved (according to manufacturer) ski but usually, most rentals are disappointing. The kids even have difficulties handling rentals, our daughter started crying two or three years ago when we used rentals for her. She is a very good skier but that guy at the rental store was a complete idiot and the skis were way too long for her and too "fast". She got scared, she got insecure and we had trouble to bring her back down into the valley, especially since the last part of the piste was a black one with humps. No more rentals for the kids, even if this means that we had to buy them new skis every two years (they still grow...).

My wife used to rent skis a lot when that whole new carver movement started but now she has her Atomic for two or three years and she couldn't be happier. I am using the Völkl Racetiger, very good and precise ski but since I do not really ski that fast anymore (my cruciate ligament tear hasn't been operated on but I was lucky it kind of "repaired" itself "back into place") and I switched to a ski bike for fun, it doesn't really matter anymore.

Long story short: Most cars on the parking lot had ski racks and I do not know many people who know how to ski well and who rent skis. You want to have your own equipment.



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