This comes directly from someone who saw the car presented in flesh at the Lamborghini factory by Lamborghini officials. The horsepower number was not announced, only the things that I said. As for the track time, it seems impossible but I'd rather wait and see than call this bullshit.

It wasn't long ago when most Porsche fans here believed that a 580hp Turbo S was a 25 sec from 0 to 300...

I actually don't care if this track time is true or not. One thing I know is that in 2017 nothing will be close to this Huracan. And given how much I liked the 580, the only question is - which dealer would be the fastest to deliver me a car.



Actually something around 26 seconds and this was the number I got from one of our sources. Apparently the mules did achieve this time but later on, they had to reduce boost pressure and mapping setups in certain rev/speed ranges because of thermodynamics, whatever this means.

For the Performante to achieve a better track time than the 918 and with 40 kg less weight only, this car needs to have A. at least 50 hp more and B. a shorter gear ratio in certain speed/rev ranges. With the right tires, it could be possible but if these tires won't be available for the final car, the record won't matter at all.

Unless Lamborghini surprises us with a turbo charged V10 or turbo charged V8. However, especially the turbo charged V8 would very likely put an end to the enthusiasm many have for the Huracan. Smiley



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