911R Black with Red Stripes for Sale Miami 


a. I hate when they display 911 models that don't have a fixed rear wing with the tiny spoiler up. not having a spoiler and keeping the classic 911 shape was the point, way to totally miss it. 

b. Damn, that looks more like a listing for the showroom with all those interior and building pictures, they really want to sell you on their service and capabilities as a dealership. 

Every single 911 or Panamera I saw in Miami during my trips had the rear wing raised, even when parked. Pathetic. Smiley

Yeah that's the Miami way alright. It's not even a sport look if not at speed, just silly.  By the way, does anyone else appreciate the irony of the 911R?  Here's a car designed for purists to drive w/ abandon and yet the market frenzy due to limited numbers cannot help but give pause to anyone who wishes to drive the car as it was intended as it may impact (literally and figuratively) the future value of the car. 


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