Drove the C63 S Convertible for over 200 km now and I have to say I love it for a daily driver.

Very comfortable but also sporty car, depending on the setup. Good snow capabilities with the new Snow setup mode turned on. Traction definitely improved over previous model but still not great when wet. Easy to drift in the proper driving mode, in the safer modes, the back spins out a tiny bit but isn't too dangerous or difficult to handle, very good setup for a RWD car. In the safest ESP mode, the rear stays stable, ESP comes on but not too intrusive as long as you keep your nervous throttle foot at bay.

New digital dashboard is high quality and high resolution, very nice looking. Same goes to the new Widescreen display for navigation, entertainment system, etc.

Steering is very direct, I love it. I'd even say a tiny bit sportier than the E63 S steering.

Now comes the best part: The exhaust sound is actually very nice. The V8 growl is deeper but not really quieter, my son got out of the car and said that the car sounds from the outside the same way it sounds from the inside, which is very very good (with sport exhaust turned on and yes, the C63 S Convertible facelift still has an exhaust button).

Fuel consumption (average) is around 13.1 liters / 100 km, mixed driving (city and Autobahn) in Individual mode. Not driving faster than 140 kph and not revving over 4500 rpm. On the Autobahn, with the cruise control set to 140 kph, fuel consumption was around 9.3 liters. Car is still new, difficult to tell what the "real" fuel consumption will be.




RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016), Mercedes E63 S AMG Edition 1 (2018), Range Rover Evoque Si4 Black Edition (2019)