Carlos from Spain:
Thats precisely why I don't preffer it for autobahn, less drag due to less downforce will give more top speed but sacrificing high speed stability, the most important thing you want in the autobahn, autobahn driving is not about absolute top/max speed but safely driving at high speeds. Also for that type of driving I would prefer the fast, smooth and effortless PDK than the 6-speed manual. Just put the two on the high speed nurburgring and see the lap time difference.

The 991R is perfect for twisty roads and suchSmiley but for autobahn I would take a GT3 any day Smiley

With GT3 front splitter, under-body diffuser, and retractable rear wing together with AWS and long 991 wheelbase, this car will be more than stable enough on the autobahn, imo...


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