CGX car nut:

Serious question for those that saw it in Geneva . 


Brown interior , yay or nay . Looks great in pictures what about reality ? 

I am in the Yay camp  - looked good to me, and differentiates the car well from a run of the mill GT3 /GT3RS SmileySmiley .

One is in the "Yea" category too.  Porsche, like many other automakers, uses some of its special edition models to introduce new technologies into the more mainstream product line.  Every magnesium roof and carbo fiber front wing increases Porsche's manufacturing knowledge for using the materials.  Evidently, these will trickle down into the more ordinary product line.

and now they have introduced harris tweed seat insert and retro brown leather patching technologies into the R. hopefully this will trickle down into carreras and targas. hard to do without from now on:::))))