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    My new beast finally arrived.

    Hi all,


    had my C63 for 4 days now. been busy driving this thing but here are my initial impression.

    My previous car was a 987 2.7L manual.


    firstly, I am still running-in the car so cannot exceed 4000 rpm and usually drive with "comfort" setting with the auto.


    the most impressive thing was the torque!!!  it pulls strongly in any gear and even in comfort setting on the auto (which means u r always 1 or 2 gears UP on your usual gear), it effortlessly overtakes almost any car on the road. 

    I have never driven a car with such torque (whole 600Nm of it!) its the best thing ever.


    steering.... from my previous (and only) test drive, I was dissapointed about the light steering.   well, compared with my boxster, there's still no match.  but I am warming to it.  it doesnt have BMW's weird variable steering where it is feather light at parking speed.  its nicely weighted throughout and very precise.   

    It does seem isolated from the road and maybe cos of the wide tyres, feels slighlty numbed at the fronts.


    gearbox.  sensational!!  Merc has definitely nailed it.   its almost as fast a DSG boxes and the three shifting prgrammes (instead of like 6 wiht BM), its easy to settle on the right on. 

    Once running in is completed, i will sit on "sport" setting 100% of the time as the comfort setting is a bit too lazy for my liking.  it shifts to 7th @ about 80km....


    the paddles are of real aluminium and has a nice weighty feel to them. and Porsche should learn how to make a nice fat steering wheel.....  BMW's ones are way too fat, Merc's is perfect.


    Handling... well.  cant comment on much as I;ve been driving like a grandma....  intial feelings are good.  slight firm ride, I still think its softer than my boxster and it does crash over bumps.  so it think its one area it can improve/fine tune later.


    the back end is VERY easy to step out. controllably tho.   but i did find I have to counter steer the wheel much more than my Boxster.  my Boxster will "self counter steer" for me and I only have to do the minimum to correct an oversteer.   this thing, maybe its a weight thing, if I am a tad slow on the steering, I will be facing the wrong way i reckon...  


    maybe its a skill thing.... or lack of  Smiley


    other things..... the Command system is EXCELLENT.  especailly with the voice-control.   i love the pop up screen and it doesnt distract ur driving.      Keyless-go is not worth 2k.

    Sport seats fits me beautifully.  and I am tiny.  if u are over 6ft and large build, u will hv a problem. But the Porsche sport seats is much more comfy on long trips cos the C63's bolsters are far too hard.  the the rear seats are not the most comfortable place to be in for long trips.


    and fuel consumption.... well.   19L/100km  highway+city.    driving like a grandma.... so not looking good.



    so.... overall. 

    One of the best all round sport sedans on the market and no regrets (so far) getting this over the Cayman S FL.


    if anyone has say a GT3, this would be the perfect companion everyday car!

    more later.




    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    a photo.   hope it works!  enjoy     Smiley



    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    jsut two for now.... as everyone knows what it looks like anyway....1240654481402P1010820.JPG

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Thanks for the wright up... interesting and looking forward to the full comments once broken in.

    Nice you park your car in a medical clinic ?

     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    congrats....nice car

    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Derder, that makes you the fifth person I know in Melbourne with one!  Geez, time to sell mine I think .  Kidding.  At least I was the first!  Can you believe that I've had mine for a year? 

    It really is a very complete sports sedan.  After travelling a fair bit in the last 2 months and not driving my C63, I jumped back into it to marvel at just how good it is as a daily driver.  It's so easy to drive and quick progress are the words to describe the way it moves.  Wait till you go on a long distance trip.  Need to overtake?  No problem, just step on the accelerator and off you go.  The brakes are so powerful too for city driving.  I suspect it would probably fade on the track given the weight of the car but I have other cars that is for that purpose so that isn't an issue for me.  Other than the lack of an LSD (which you can now spec for 09 cars), my C63 is the perfect daily driver for me. 

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.


    Thanks for the wright up... interesting and looking forward to the full comments once broken in.

    Nice you park your car in a medical clinic ?

    yeah, steriod clinic for C-Class!  Smiley

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.



    forgot to ask u.


    did u bed in your brakes from day 1??

    my ones squeals at low speed. 

    did they hv racing pads standard or something?  dealer told me to go easy on the brakes for the run in period.   I still hv some rust/oxiation spots on the outter rim of the discs.....


    and the resale value is still excellent for our cars... so i u wanna sell, do it now .

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    How do you know resale is excellent?  If I sell it though, what would I get?  Maybe a C63 wagon or S4 wagon.  This way I can also get rid of my X3 which is getting used less and less by the day.

    As for the brakes, yeah they squeal a little.  My friend brought it back to the dealer for them to "clean" it, it worked for a week then started squealing again.  Doesn't bother me.  You should drive my track car and you will never complaint again.

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Many congrats 


    Rennteam Moderator - 997S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Nice , congrats......



    "I didn't do it"

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Looks great, congrat's.

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Congrats, C63 is an awesome little car!

    Re: My new beast finally arrived.

    Congrats ! Good choice !



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