Just talked to my friend from MB,
This is what happens when you want a CL65AMG, you have to order first a CL600, then they send it back to AMG in Germany and they make the mods, you don't actually buy the CL65 ready made.
New AMG models coming up! Man, they launch new cars every year!!! Porsche, take note please!!!
The 55 wil be replaced by the 63, so we'll have the S, CL and SL63AMG, power figures are not set yet but we're talking 600hp, and no more V8, this is the V12TT.
Also coming from AMG, the C55AMG, but no compressor, so like the CLK, 367hp, the SLK55 is also coming but we knew that, but because an increase over the actual SLK32 would be too little, there are talks of up to 400hp from the V8 NA! They didn't know at MB France wether there will be a compressed version of the SLK55 ot not.
My friend also saw the new ML, he said it was ugly, but the more you look, the more you like it.
Apparently, the front lights are really really weird, I've asked for pics.
However, AMG is "plannnig" to put the future 63 in the new ML, that's 600hp my friends, bye bye Cayenne!!!
Now about steering, sports car feeling etc. I told my friend and he agrees. He didn't know anything about a CLK RS, but the chief product of MB France tested an M3 SMG a few weeks ago and basically told the board, this is amazing, it's miles better then a 360F1, the C32 doesn't come close!
Well, at least they admit it
Now the big news or shall I say big blur
The SLR! There has been a lot of dispute between Mclaren and AMG over the car, and it's not finished yet. The production was supposed to be capped at 1000 but after the salon de Paris, they were rumors that it'll be capped at 500!!!
And the big news, Mclaren is very hard to get info from, but they are talks inside MB that it'll be equiped with an F1 transmission. As for the power, all they know is that it'll be well beyond the announced 550hp but we knew that too