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    Should I buy? Help!!

    At age 37, it's time to finally own a Porsche. I love the Cayenne. The turbo is the obvious favorite. Unfortunately, I have not earned it. I feel I've earned the Cayenne or Cayenne S.

    After visiting several web sites, dealers, and gathering information. The V6 Cayenne suits my budget. Here's the question:

    I found a 2005 V6 Cayenne with manual transmission, Bi-xenon, navigation, turbo wheels, black exterior (trim, roof rails and everything else is black), climate control, and many other extras. It has under 400 miles and has never been titled. The asking price is $46,000.

    With the body-style change coming, and the fact that it is not automatic, is this a fair price in the U.S.? Thanks for all replies. I'm going crazy trying to make a decision.

    Rob in Arizona

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    I bought the same car without the nav. package. I have the tiptronic auto. also, heated seats and steering wheel, sunroof. No turbo wheels. Paid 52,500.00 1 month ago. Great car. I regretted not getting the S but it became a dollar decision. The sales rep. told me before I made my mind up. He liked the weight balance better on the 6 than the 8. Overall, I only drive SUV's and there is certainly nothing in this cars class. Understated, great handling and comfortable.

    Good luck

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    Go for it.

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    What is the sticker price? I was offered $5000 off new 2006 Cayenne S or Turbo by a Southern California dealer (even if I ordered one). Using the Kelly Blue Book the car you described is worth $48100 retail or $44275 if sold by a private party.

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    Stupid question: do you NEED a Cayenne? Meaning: do you have a family to move around? Because the V6 isn't really very enjoyable and it would never give you the real feel of a Porsche. The fun starts with the V8 I'm afraid.
    For the same money, you could maybe get a nice Boxster (987), definetely more fun at age 37.

    I really enjoy my Cayenne Turbo each and every day but without a family, this car would make no sense at all.
    At age 40, I'd rather see myself in a Porsche sportscar.

    Also think about the upcoming facelift, one thing is for sure: either the V6 goes for good...or it gets much stronger (280 HP are rumored right now). You really may want to wait, time enough to collect a little bit more money for your dream car.

    But like I said before: the real deal is a Porsche sportscar if you really want to fullfill a dream.

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    Thanks for the replies. I have a young family. We want another SUV. I sold an 02 X5 4.4 when receiving a company car. Now, I'm positioned to fulfill a life-long own a PEPPER!!!

    The features of the 05' are as follows:

    * Fr&Rr Park Assist
    * Roof Rails Black
    * 18Inch Cayenne Turbo Wheels
    * Colored Wheel Crests
    * Bi-Xenon Lights W/Washers
    * Privacy Glass
    * Moonroof
    * Sunshades
    * Leather
    * Exterior Package Black
    * Heated Front Seats & Steering Wheel
    * Driver Side Memory
    * Automatic Climate Control
    * Satellite Radio XM
    * Navigation
    * Bose Audio

    The dealer states the Cayenne has been in inventory for over 150 days because a manager drove it, from time to time, as a demonstrator.

    Also, I've lurked around at the eBay Motors website. The prices are interesting. However, with so many questions to ask, the sellers tend to tire from the battery of Q&A without placing a bid.

    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    I priced your Cayenne as it 2006 and it came out to about $55,550. The price they are selling it for isn't bad, but since it is a year old model it already worth about $5000 less than a 2006. And most dealers would probably give you $5000 off a 2006. So, the price is about right. They aren't giving it away but if it has the features you want it is one way of getting a Cayenne for less.


    Re: Should I buy? Help!!

    It's official!!! Friday morning, I took delivery of my incredibly awesome 2005 Porsche Cayenne. Rather than have it delivered to Arizona, I had to see, smell, hear, and touch the Cayenne in case something was not disclosed.

    When arriving in Chicago, the dealer (Luxury Motors - The Benley Dealer) sent a stretch limo. The driver arrived 15 minutes early. Wonderful service.

    After a thorough test drive, I was able to shave a few hundred dollars more off the selling price. In a word, WOW!!!

    After 24+ hours of driving through IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, and finally into AZ, I'm confident that no better choice in automobile exists. The heated seats, lumbar support (rolling from the lower to upper back), and Bi-Xenons came in handy. However, had it not been for XM radio, I would have fallen asleep.

    Thanks for the nudge to move forward with the purchase. I'll post photos soon.

    Best Regards & Happy Holidays,

    Rob in AZ



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