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    Thoughts on this 997 article?

    Not sure what to think. Nothing much new, other than timetables. But to me it does not make sense for Porsche to offer an 'update' then replace the model two years later. Anyone else?
    Automobile Magazine, May 2003

    Thanks for the pic Eric

    I actually like the looks of it but we all know this is a probably a CG image.

    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    Eric...assuming they know what they're talking about, that is. If it's true it's probably to keep sales up with something so sales won't fall off the cliff waiting for the 998. that's my uneducated guess. If they just offered the 996 until the 998 I believe sales would dropoff dramatically...thus the expenditure on the C4S and Turbo Cabs for US. They might even have a C2S if they have enough stuff left over before the 997 arrives.

    Here's my take on it...

    Notice where the side front fender goes from shiny to dull...and notice the slight dot beside the round lights - where there may be a washer or something else.

    It is clear that the front of this mule is not the same as the rest of it, and the balance of the vehicle appears to be more 993 than 996. The rake of the windshield is very hard to detect in a head on shot like this, but it sure looks high.

    I don't think this is what we're going to see in a year or two.

    I only WISH Porsche would give us some insight into what is coming, and when, with pictures! Of course, that would be abnormal.

    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    I believe after what happened to Boxsters' sales Porsche will do anything in their power not to have it happen to their bread and butter line the 911.

    In this competitive market for auto makers they need to modify something in order to have the enthusiasts interested in their product line. If it is round headlights to oval or square they have to try something.

    The good thing about Porsche is though, whenever they come up with some cosmetic changes the underlying (Engine) changes are more significant and I hope this one (997?) will also offer as many technological advancements as the 996 '02 models compare to 996 '99 - '01

    I like it

    especially the headlight remind me of the 959 and 993... I would imagine the interior of the 997 will share plenty of Cayenne parts. Which is a good thing..

    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    Yes, this is a computer generated image of a camouflaged mule.

    My thoughts on this: a few months ago, I thought that some kind of retro-design on the 997 might be a good idea. But after seeing the Cayenne and after reviewing what products come from competitors over the next few years, I don't think this is a good idea anymore. Porsche should go ahead with another step of evolution, to offer something spectacular, stylish and aggressive. The "retro" thing might work for a year or two but wears out pretty quickly. My fear is that the new 997 will be as boring as the Cayenne is, from a design point of view speaking. What might be somehow acceptable on a SUV, might ruin a sports car. Porsche has to be very very careful now to build the 997 as the next generation 911, not a modern interpretation of the 993. I know that a lot of people (including myself) loved this idea but right now I don't think it is a very good idea anymore.

    I agree!

    I totally with Christian,
    It would be a bad idea to go back to round lights JUST because it would be a tribute to the 993 models and earlier.
    I like the idea of integrated design in one big light unit.
    Plus round lights on the 911s look oldish now, I'm saying it looks bad ( I love the 993) but it definitly looks dated...
    Porsche doesn't have the margin for mistake, with the V8 Vantage coming soon, the 997 has to look spectacular!!!

    Yeah baby yeah

    AMV8, yet the best looking car to me.

    I agree that the AM is gorgeous, but I worry about Ford's

    quality and performance. Don't think this a car for the track. If it's built as well as it looks, then watch out!

    Re: I agree that the AM is gorgeous, but I worry about Ford's


    If you look at it that way Ferrari is owned by FIAT too and as far as I remember FIAT was notorious for their quality but didn't affect Ferrari. And if Ford leaves Aston Martin alone I'm sure nothing will affect their reputation or quality.

    Re: I agree that the AM is gorgeous, but I worry about Ford's

    Ford-free interior is the report. I'm still eagerly awaiting specifications for the engine.

    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    I agree with RC, when I first saw the pic in Autoweek, I passed it up thinking it was a 993. Why would I want another one of those?

    The Aston is nice but a 400hp M3 (V8) is worth considering as well...


    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    I can hear my non- car enthusiasts friends and neighbors now on the 997 retro look : " you traded in your new Porsche ( 996 ) for a used one ?" I keep stating that Porsche needs to move forward stylistically . Did anyone see the photoshop of the Cayenne with the TT's headlights ? It looked so much more aggressive and modern, rather than that sniffing frog face it has now.
    You are right RC, with all these crisp, modern exciting concept cars that have been shown by Audi , Aston Martin, Lambo, etc., it's dissapointing to see a 993 redux . Not a very good way to attract buyers under 35 years old either. They had better be careful or the buyer base will age rapidly in the next 15 years .
    Having owned 5 911s from the mid 80s , I am one of their loyal long termers and what keeps me coming back is the continual engineering AND styling advancements. Retro from 30 years before is a fad - retro from one model before is ludicrous.
    Would Ferrari design the coming 360 Modena successor to look like the 348/355 model ? Of course not.

    Re: Thoughts on this 997 article?

    yes! retro is short living. look at the PT cruiser, Z8 or new beetle -- it's nice on shows, but the design won't last long and gets boring quickly.

    btw, note my post from nov 2002 regarding this topic:



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