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    Slow Tire Leak

    Hi Guys,

    I'm driving a 07TT w stock tires and am noticing a slow air leak after about 6K miles of driving. Right now the tire pressure indicator lights up on one tire about once every 2 weeks.

    I have heard from the dealer these tires need to be replaced if they have any sort of leak. (gulp.....$$$$$)

    Any advice on my options from the pros?

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    Check the valve stem. Remove cap and spray some soapy water on the entire thing. Look _carefully_ (slow leak) for bubbles at base and capped area.

    If bubbles come from stem I'd call that an item covered by warranty.

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    If the hole is in the center of the tread, you could take the tire off and patch it from the inside. That is what I did on my front tire with 1000 miles on it. I am not driving over 100 mph and am willing to take the risk. If it is near the edge of the tread, there is too much flex and the patch will not hold. Anybody who patches tires will know the difference.

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    Sounds too slow to be puncture related, possibly leak where schrader valve seats at stem, could just be loose, any service station should have tool to tighten, possible bad schrader valve seat. Either way repair s/b n/c. Maybe you compromised stem seal when cleaning wheels? Seems outrageous that tire replacement necessary!

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    Puncture and the tire loses it's speed rating. So you're definitely not safe at 180-190mph. How about 150? 120?

    I'd say a plug and a patch on simple puncture well inside the tread is fine for non-sustained high speeds. IOW, here in the usa? Fine for "normal" highway use (80, 90, 100mph) and occasional 130mph short bursts on days that are not swelteringly hot.

    Just my opinion. Sue me.

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    Thanks for the sage advice guys! I tried some soap on the valve and tried to see if it blew bubbles, but couldn't find any. I'll take it to the next level and see if a tire shop can locate the source of a leak.

    Re: Slow Tire Leak

    todthebod said:
    Thanks for the sage advice guys! I tried some soap on the valve and tried to see if it blew bubbles, but couldn't find any. I'll take it to the next level and see if a tire shop can locate the source of a leak.

    Next level:

    Give wife a rea$on to go $hopping for $omething nice.

    When she's gone put tire in bathtub filled with about 6 inches. Rotate wheel until you find streaming bubbles.

    Clean up mess. Give her a big hug when she comes home with her new shoes, and various accessories.

    Take to EXTREMELY SERIOUS repair place, one which is used to working with very expensive wheels and low profile tires.



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