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    987 PSE!

    Have been speaking to the Parts Manager and sales staffs at Nottingham OPC (in the UK) about availability of the 987 sports exhaust; following is how they see the situation:

    The exhaust is listed as an option on 06 specification cars; however, it is not expected to be fitted to any cars built before October. therefore, if it follws the standard delay before being available for retrofitting, it is unlikely to be available to existing 987 owners until January 2006. It is expected that a choice of tailpipe finishers will be available - so those of us with the S won't need to suffer the existing Vectra tailpipes for much longer. If fitted with Sport Chron, the exhaust will be enabled when 'Sport' is selected; otherwise a separate button is fitted.

    Now the bad news, no one yet knows what the exhaust will look like - although it is unlikely to be the monstrosity that was available for the 986. Likwise costs are unknown - both for supply and/or fitting! However, it is not anticipated that it will be as difficult to fit fully as the 986 version; therefore only an hour's additional labour is anticipated to provide full functionality. They don't know whether it will be possible to fit the exhaust with the 'noise' valve permanently open.

    Finally, the exhaust will offer no power increase - just a change in exhaust note. However, as I had the opportunity to listen to the 997 sports exhaust on a used Cabrio, I'm sold on having one fitted to my 987S; the noise is even more intoxicating than the existing 987S exhaust note.

    Time to join the queue!!!


    Re: 987 PSE!

    isn't the 987 S loud enough? I tested a 987 S with about 15K andthe sound was incredible, bystanders would get quite scared when driving by would this car really need a PSE?

    Re: 987 PSE!

    Probably not - but it's just one of those things that must be fitted! Have you heard a PSE? They're awesome!

    Re: 987 PSE!

    Hey, I like the Vectra pipes!! Just get the Sports tail pipe and you're good to go!

    By the way, it's NOT a cheap option for PSE; in the 06 Order Guide it is option XLF and lists as $2940 Canadian!! I called my salesperson today (as I just ordered my 987S 2 weeks ago and still have time add/change options) and he did not recommend it on the "S" as the standard exhaust he felt was excellent sounding. That said, he didn't go as far as say "don't get it" but it's a lot of beans especially as the 987S exhaust has gotten rave reviews by everyone. Also, it was not available to order yet and I have an Oct build date. Also, you only hear the difference of PSE roughly above 3000 rpm or so (is what he told me) so no improved rumble when idling or cruising , only when stepping on it. Oh , and you can expect a retrofit to be costlier. Don't get me wrong, more Porsche vroom vroom sound is great but 3G is a pretty penny/highway robbery (Aren't all Porsche options? maybe except sport steering wheel ) Sorry to go on a tangent but I feel the car costs enough money and as a "sports" car it should have standard a sports wheel, sports throttle, sports shifter, etc. Don't get me started on having basic floor mats as an option - don't they come stardard on Hyundai !!Oh well, the price to pay for Porsche ownership I can't wait though
    It's going to be a looooong 3 months

    Re: 987 PSE!

    I agree. The sports exhasut on the 986 was mediocre at best. I don't think I'll be splashing out on this option, unless it is significantly better than standard, you know, something you just can't live without. The new 987 standard exhaust note is pretty hot anyway, wiht much more bark than the 986. I'm happy with that for now.

    By the way, the new 997 PSE isn't as raspy and brutal as the last PSE for the 996, so I feel Porsche may have taken a step backwards with this one.



    Re: 987 PSE!

    It involves Porsche so it's certainly not going to be cheap; that really goes without saying! I agree that the 997 PSE is not as melodious as that available for the 996; however, the 986 PSE was a disappointment compare to the 996 PSE. The possibility exists that the 987 PSE will be an improvement on the 997PSE note. However, each to their own; I'm remaining open-minded! I just placed the original post because there was little information available until now.



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